Club Nights

For entry to Club Nights, follow the link posted in the newsfeed on the homepage, or find the listing in the My Swim Results Calendar.

Club nights generally follow the same format, however from time to time may change due pool availability. 

The program generally follows the format of:

Indoor 8 Lane Pool at HBF Stadium

Warm up @ 4.00pm

Start time @ 5.00pm
Completion @ approximately 7.00pm

There is a flat surcharge of $10 per swimmer and a maximum of 4 events per swimmer unless otherwise noted.  Select events and review the confirmation email carefully. No changes will be accepted on the night. No breaks in the program will be made to accommodate swimmers not marshalled before the event/heat is handed to the starter.

Visitors and squad members are welcome to attend Club Nights however they are entitled to participate in two Club Nights before becoming a member.  

Periodically a "fun" club night is held which may include relay racing, fun team events and a BBQ/pizza or similar afterwards. Occasionally, the “fun” club nights are held at UWA Crawley where no official times are recorded. 

Club Night Awards
Club Night awards are presented each year based on a cumulative point score system that represents the spirit of participation and on improved times rather than the place a swimmer finishes in a race. Click here for further details on Club Night Awards.

Parent Responsibility
Parents are expected to be available to assist on Club nights. Three timekeepers are required per lane. Please volunteer your services so that the times your swimmers swim can be official times (official club nights only). The timekeepers must be seated by 4.50pm. If your child is swimming at a club night, at least one parent is expected to be available for timekeeping or other duties on the night.

How to marshall
One of the first things people notice about a club is the way it appears to organize itself. If the marshalling works as well as it should, swimmers, parents and officials will all be in the right place at the right time. This not only looks good but it will avoid the disappointment of swimmers missing their races. It also makes the job of the Marshall much easier. Some simple rules must be followed: