Training Schedules

Below are links to the weekly training schedules for each squad.  The training venues are indicated in the schedules.

For squads that are duplicated at different venues, take care to select the one appropriate to you.

Periodical changes due to coaching or lane availability will be communicated via email and / or information given to swimmers at training. Any queries should be directed to Meg via email on

Click here to go to the targeted meet calendars.


Performance Stream

Performing National (PN) @ HBF & UWA (2017)

Developing National (DN) @ HBF & UWA (2017)

Emerging National (EN) @ HBF & UWA (Summer 2017/8, revised 1/11/17)



Junior Gold  (Summer 2017/8)

Junior Blue  (Summer 2017/8)

Junior Green  (Summer 2017/8)

Junior White  (Summer 2017/8)



Performance Fitness  (Summer 2017/8)

Swim fit @ UWA

Uni Squad @ UWA