Club Records

The UWA West Coast Swimming Club (UWSC) has taken great care to ensure the published Club Records are as correct and accurate as possible.


The Club Records have been compiled based on the data made available to UWSC in the Team Manager 8.0 for Swimming (Team Manager) software.  UWSC has attempted to validate the data through rigorous analysis but acknowledges there may be errors or omissions in the Team Manager data which are beyond the control of UWSC.


Members of UWSC are encouraged to regularly review the published Club Records and notify the Club of any suspected error or omission by providing the following information to


  • Swimmer’s Name –
  • Swimmer's Age -
  • Meet –
  • Date –
  • Location –
  • Event / Heat No. –
  • Distance / Stroke –
  • Time –
  • Supporting evidence such as a Meet Mobile screenshot, swimmer’s event history, etc…


The UWSC Records Officers will investigate any such error or omission and revert within a reasonable timeframe.  Ultimately, any amendments to Club Records will be at the sole discretion of the UWSC Committee.


The current Club Records take in all meets completed since UWSC’s inception on 16 October 2015 until 31 December 2018.  Regular updates will be posted – generally following the conclusion of each long and short course season.