Club Membership


Each swimmer within the UWA UNISWIM squad programme is encouraged to sign up as a UWA West Coast Club Member. The annual membership fee provides an affiliation with Swimming WA, the governing body for competitive swimming. All swimmers must be registered with Swimming WA before participating in a sanctioned swim meet.

Membership for UWA-West Coast Swim Club covers a 12-month period from 1st October through to 30th September the following year, although swimmers can join at any time during the year.


To join the club, please contact the Registrar -


Parents / Guardians

The Club’s constitution requires that a parent / guardian also join the Club when they have a child under the age of 18 within the Club, regardless of membership type.

The Parental / Guardian contact details must be kept current with the Registrar at all times so that the parent / guardian can be contacted (along with the Adult Members) for formal notices such as AGM’s, fee renewals and in particular the Competitive Members Directory.


Competitive Memberships

This is the membership category that will allow you / your child to compete at interclub, state, national and internationally sanctioned swimming events, and is inclusive of a Swimming WA membership.

These SWA subcategories for these memberships are:

Annual – for all swimmers 9 years and older;

Annual Junior – which is a subsidised membership category to allow younger swimmers try out competitive swimming without the full cost; or

Junior Dolphin – which is heavily subsidised and is available to children 7 or under.

More information on the Junior Dolphin programme can be found here -


Competitive Memberships – UWA Students

There is a significant discount to the Club Fee offered to swimmers who are currently enrolled and studying at UWA. To be eligible for this membership, you are required to forward proof of enrolment at UWA to the Registrar (


UWA Uniswim Squad Swimmers

UWA Uniswim squad members are welcome to participate in 3 Club Nights during the year before needing to become a member. We encourage all swimmers to come down and try.