Timekeeping Rosters


Junior LC State Championships

Friday 12 - Sunday 14 April 2019










Organising a Roster Swap utilising the “Members' Directory”

The members' directory of competitive swimmers' contact details is provided to help you co-ordinate a replacement if ever you are unable to fulfil your allocated duty.

Click here to access the members' directory


Timekeeping / Volunteer duties are allocated to all Clubs that have swimmers entered into a meet and the allocation is made by the Club hosting the meet. Duty allocations are based on the number of swimmers that a club has entered into the meet, and as a large club with many swimmers entering meets (especially targeted meets) we will always generally be allocated numerous duties during the meet. These duties include:

  • Timekeeping
  • Results Running
  • Medals
  • Refreshments
  • Pool Deck Accreditation
  • Selling Programmes; and / or
  • Reserves

As a Club, we must fulfil the duties that we are allocated or the meet cannot proceed and our swimmers will lose out.

If your child has entered a swim meet, you will almost certainly be rostered for timekeeping or other duties.

If you are over 18 / or an Open Swimmer and have your own transport to the swim meet, you are still required to fulfil the timekeeping duties as allocated even if your parent does not attend. If this is not possible then you must notify the Timekeeping Co-ordinator well in advance of the meet’s closing date for entries.

Timekeeping Rosters are posted on the Club Website at least 1-2 days prior to the meet. The Timekeeping Co-ordinator will make every effort to allocate your time keeping slot while your child is swimming.

Should you know in advance (when making the entry to the meet or at least 4 days before the meet) that you will have restricted availability for timekeeping or other duties, please don't hesitate to let our time keeping co-ordinator know and she will make every effort to accommodate your request - timekeeping@uwawestcoast.org.

Closer to the meet, please remember to check for your allocations ahead of time and engineer a replacement if need be.