Swim Meets


The swimming season is divided into two calendars: Winter Season - Short Course (SC) and Summer Season - Long Course (LC). The ALMANAC is a booklet produced by SWA for each season, showing all the competition details and event. Some meets require qualifying times in order to be able to compete, please refer to the Almanac. The ALMANAC is available online with your Swimming WA membership.


 Targeted Meets

Targeted Meets are set following consultation with both the coaching group and the committee to offer a broad range of meets to meet our members varying needs. These targeted meets are advised by the coaches to the squad swimmers as the meets are approaching, emailed by the coaching group to the swimmers (parents as applicable), and published in the Club’s Calendar. A copy of the Targeted Meet Calendar which also includes various social and other events can be found on the Club’s website.


The targeted meet calendar will be available on the Club website prior to the commencement of each season. Dates may change due to targeted swim meets and holidays. Should changes occur, members will be notified by email.


 Unless specifically discussed and agreed with your coach, swimmers are encouraged to only enter targeted meets. The below information has been provided by the coaching group:

There is a fair bit of strategy in targeted meet selection. While we are not going to stop people from racing if they so choose, they need to be aware they are taking their development into their own hands and we cannot guarantee this will provide positive performance outcomes long term. If it was going to, the coaching staff would ask them to attend on an ad hoc basis. However; contrary to perception, seeking the odd qualifying time for states may not be advantageous to their long term development.



Athletes race unsupervised. There is no coach to get feedback from in the events when they race on their own and PB / don’t PB / get disqualified. This does not aid their development.

Racing unconditioned is a risk. Unsupervised athletes may also have sub-optimal warm ups and cool downs, which can cause injury, or inflame existing injuries. In training, we take great care to incrementally overload the athletes and demand their best technique while doing so. The amount of racing over the season is therefore carefully prescribed.

We are trying to limit parents and swimmers exposure to ridiculously long hours sitting at the pool for competition. We manage this by stipulating events or an event range for the swimmers to stick to.

The physical fatigue that results from long competitions compromises their training adaptations, which can inhibit their long-term performance.

Athletes should not be in a position to swim fast in season (if they are swimming fast in season it’s usually because they are fresh due to missed sessions) therefore there can be a decline in motivation without coach education at the meet.


Non Targeted Meets

For clarity, coaches will not be in attendance at non-targeted meets. Additionally, a volunteer roster may not be prepared by the club, however, if volunteer duties are allocated at the meet for whatever reasons, the families participating in the meet must coordinate and cover all volunteer allocations provided.